Welcome to The Populist’s Playbook

  • Are you uneasy about what’s happening with politics?
  • Do you ever feel like roughly half of voters have taken leave of their senses?
  • Do people you thought you knew well seem to suddenly believe unbelievable things?

The Populist’s Playbook – Podcast and Blog, pulls apart twelve, well established, techniques that are used to manipulate voters.

Using modern and historical examples we explore: What they are, Why they work, and How to counter them.

In other posts we look at other analyses, in particular of Scottish, British and European politics.

Welcome to the Populist’s Playbook

Delegate or Trustee?

The recent outcry over SNP Leadership candidates’ personal beliefs has highlighted a fundamental question about the very nature of our representative democracy.

Helping Nicola Sturgeon Resign

It will be hard for Nicola Sturgeon to go, and unclear who will replace her: but go she must. We offer advice on when, and how, to quit.

A Pinch of Salt 

It’s natural Unionists want to see what the SNP do in the dark be brought to the light – but we should be cautious before sharing anything from the recent SNP email breach.

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