Welcome to The Populist’s Playbook

  • Are you uneasy about what’s happening with politics?
  • Do you ever feel like roughly half of voters have taken leave of their senses?
  • Do people you thought you knew well seem to suddenly believe unbelievable things?

The Populist’s Playbook – Podcast and Blog, pulls apart twelve, well established, techniques that are used to manipulate voters.

Using modern and historical examples we explore: What they are, Why they work, and How to counter them.

In other posts we look at other analyses, in particular of Scottish, British and European politics.

Welcome to the Populist’s Playbook

The Invisible Anglophobe

In Scotland there are anecdotal reports of Anglophobia, but no official stats; yet the Police collect data that could be used. However

A Lack of Common Census

In 2022 Scotland is holding one of the most controversial censuses since the Romans made Mary travel miles across the desert and give birth in a stable. How and why is it being done this way, and should you fill it in?

Attacking the Media

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” Napoleon Bonaparte The technique we look at in this chapter of the Populist’s Playbook is “Attacking the media”. I like to start out with some definitions and parameters. So, what do we mean by media, and what do we mean by attacks? WhoContinue reading “Attacking the Media”

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