The Populist’s Playbook

The 12 Tactics

Delegate or Trustee?

The recent outcry over SNP Leadership candidates’ personal beliefs has highlighted a fundamental question about the very nature of our representative democracy.

A Pinch of Salt 

It’s natural Unionists want to see what the SNP do in the dark be brought to the light – but we should be cautious before sharing anything from the recent SNP email breach.

Who were better? Take That, or New Kids On the Block? 

Take That and New Kids on the block were both bands who gained commercial success from the early 1990s. While both groups have had their share of successes and devoted fans, there has been ongoing debate among music fans and critics about which group is superior. In this analysis, used music theory and statistical analysis…

2022 in Review

Here are our highlights for 2022. It’s been a good year for the site, we more than doubled our visitors and increased the number of articles and analysis.  January Most Scots started the new year blocked; and I was no different! I wonder what criticism it was that was too much so I made it…

Interdependence is Normal 

There’s no such thing as a country.  Nation states are a shared figment of the imagination, defined by invisible, imaginary, interim lines on maps. There is no such natural thing as a country: maps, borders, coasts and people have changed over time. That’s one of the facts that highlight the pointlessness of nationalism. Who now…

How to spot a populist 

A populist is a political leader or movement that seeks or obtains power by claiming to represent the interests of ordinary people and combat what they designate as the “elite” or the powerful. This is the ideational definition of populism I refer to in the prologue to the Populists handbook, which sees populism as a…


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